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Life hack: How to create great no-sew costumes

11834928_10153521069298695_3904977407002683560_oI’ve been sewing for a few years now.  And I have to admit that my costume making has really taken off since that time.  But, once you know how to do a skill, you also learn how you can get around it.  I used to spend so much time avoiding sewing patterns that I missed a lot of good ones that could have been adjusted to fit my ignorance.  So below I’ll link to a few costume ideas I’ve tried from other people and share a few ideas of my own.

But first, the best tools that you need:

Bobby pins

Fabric glue

Lydia Deetz

So last year I was Lydia Deetz.  For this costume I used my own black leggings, sweater/wrap and shoes, borrowed a hat and camera, I purchased a black wig, a lace top and The Handbook for the Recently Deceased.  I also put white clown makeup on to whiten my face a bit and put on dark eye makeup.  Total cost was around $40 and it was comfortable and easy.


Likewise you can make many period pieces very easily.  For guys: you can find a button down paisley shirt at your local thrift store.  Get the widest cut jeans you can and if you cannot find bell bottoms cut the jeans along the hem up to almost the knee.  Insert material of any color to make bell bottoms.  You can use any bobby pins or fabric glue for this.  Leave your shirt half-way open and fill the space with gold chains.  If you don’t have long hair, get a wig.  Easy ’70’s costume.  For girls: the ’80’s are always easy.  Get an oversized shirt, billow it out over a thick, but loose hanging belt.  Wear leggings and sandals or jellys, if you can find them.  Rat your hair out at the sides and up at the front.  Curl it so it looks almost permed, if you can.


For this outfit, I got a piece of elastic and I did hand stitched it to my size.  If you really don’t want to do that, bobby pin it.  I then bought many feather boas and started cutting them to the length I wanted.  They were then bobby pinned to the elastic band.  I bought the top and bobby pinned the “wings” on to the straps in the back.  I secured the arm pieces with rubber bands around my arm and middle fingers.  Again, a comfortable outfit and easy to make.  This idea could be adjusted for many animals.


Many costumes require a cape.  I got the pattern off here:

I copied it exactly for the picture on the right.  On the left, instead of tying it around the neck like a real super hero, I adjusted it to be sewn on to the back of the dress, just like the “real” Elsa’s.  You could glue or pin it there as well.  You could also make these out of cotton.  Jersey would be a good material.  It has that curling effect.  If in doubt, just ask the “cutter” at your local fabric store.  They can help you.  But this pattern is super easy to follow and can easily be adjusted to different sizes.

The key is to start early.  The sooner you start looking at a costume idea, the easier it will be to put it together.  You will have more time to find ideas and ways to make your costume without sewing.  Start now!!!!!  And if you’ve made a no-sew costume, I want to see it!




Life Hack: Learn how to do ANYTHING!


People are always trying to save money, save time, save energy but they don’t know how.  They hire professionals for every aspect of their lives.  So how can this be avoided?  The internet is one of the most obvious ways.  That will be the focus for today – a few websites that are the most helpful for learning how to do anything.

There are so many other helpful sites out there.  But if you don’t know where to find them or what they may be called, I find that a quick search on one of the following 3 sites usually will lead me to what I need, whether it’s a website for a life event, saving money or fixing things.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.34.16 PM.png

As most people know, You Tube is a site with videos.  But before you ever hire another professional, type in what you need into You Tube.  You may be able to handle it yourself.  The search can be a full sentence of just a few keywords.  Just a few random searches to help you get the idea:

How to harvest rainwater

How to live off the grid

How to add more hair to a wig

How to fix rattling sound in car (insert your car info)

How to knit

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.37.13 PM.png

So Pinterest is like reading a magazine.  Just type in your topic that you want to learn about/see.  For this search you just type in the keywords.  So for example:

Repair doll hair

Kid camp ideas (this will pull up ideas, places, games, etc)

Ab exercises

Cheap travel (for tips on where to go, what to do, how to do it, etc)

Car maintenance (for how to change every fluid, replace tires, anything!)

For any of these searches on Pinterest, if you find an article that you like, it usually comes from a blog and you can then dig through that blog.  Depending on the focus of that blog, you may want to follow that blog and really get more thorough information on your topic. 

or any search engine

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.36.24 PM.png

An internet search engine can assist with any search.  What can be helpful with a more general search like this is that it can lead you to several blogs or websites that discuss your topic.  You can then look further into each blog/website to see if one focuses on the type of information you really want.  For example, you may be looking for an article on how to make a vegan friendly meal.  But in general, you want a blog that posts all kinds of food, not just vegan.  If you type in vegan meals you will find the article you need.  But you will then find sites completely dedicated to vegan meals, and other sites related to health issues while others may be all food.  So a general search engine can give you a broader result.  And again, you can type in keywords or a full sentence.  For example:

Vegan meals

How to increase lung capacity

Pros and cons to homeschooling

How do I take a screenshot

How to fix a leaky faucet

If you can’t find what you need on one of these 3 sites, I’m not sure it’s out there!  If you have a preferred way to find/learn things on the internet, leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear it!




6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

There are a million things I could recommend you keep in your desk at work.  I always have to have back up food, socks, you name it.  But really, there are 6 items that really, you just need.  And you should also have these items in your car so that if something happens on the way to work, you can enter looking professional.

Stain removal stick/wipes

6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

Seriously, a must.  It will happen, it is just a matter of time.  They have travel sizes for both options so you don’t have to spend much more than a few dollars to maintain this professional aspect.  I prefer the stick because you can blot on that liquid and it really concentrates on the stain and gets it out.

Wrinkle releaser

6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

Also, a must.  Seatbelts can ruin an outfit.  Wrinkles look so unprofessional.  Spray a little wrinkle releaser on your outfit, even while wearing it, and you will look 100% better.  Even if you only get out some wrinkles, it will make a difference.  This can also be purchased in travel size which is perfect for the car.



Just trust me.  Maybe you forgot.  Maybe it’s just a bad day.  There will come a time where you will really wish you had this.  And you only need a travel size because hopefully this is just a backup.

Breath refresher (gum, mints, whatever!)

6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

You don’t want people to think you have bad breath.  And if you are working on a project with someone, sitting close, or sharing office gossip, they will notice bad breath.  So just have something handy, just in case.

Febreeze and/or spritz


Sometimes the room smells, or you smell or someone ate smelly food.  I don’t know, but if you want to ensure that you aren’t embarrassed down the road, just get some.  Again, a travel size will do.  And don’t buy a room spray.  Those things over do it for something as small as an office/cubical.  A light spritz or Febreeze, which is neutral, works much better and won’t bother your neighbors.

Fashion tape


Mostly for women but really, it keeps clothes in place.  You never know when something unexpectely does not fit right, pops off or whatever.  A little bit of tape could really save you.  Keep it, just in case.


6 Hacks for Clothing Care

Hack 1: Preserving silk

silk-798087_1920 – 6 hacks for clothing care – preserving silk

You can feed the proteins contained in silk by hand washing with  a hair shampoo containing protein.

Hack 2: Preserving buttons

fabric-93205_1920 – 6 hacks for clothing care – preserving buttons

Before you wear a new shirt with buttons, place a small drop of clear nail polish on the center of each button to seal the threads.

Hack 3: Double heat ironing

fabric-794203_1280.jpg – 6 hacks for clothing care – double heat ironing

For clothes you must iron, cut time in half by placing aluminum foil under the ironing board cover.  The foil reflects the heat so you are essentially ironing from both sides.  This is especially helpful for difficult creases.

Hack 4: Lint/hair removal

715wnCxsbrL._SX522_ – 6 hacks for clothing care – lint/hair removal

If you have never used one of these rollerbrushes, you have been missing out.  They can remove most dog/cat hair and lint.  They even have travel sizes.  I keep at least one at home, one in the car and one at work.  These also work great in cleaning your car if you have had your pet in there.

Hack 5: Wrinkle removal

71JTzXRZcFL._SY679_ – 6 hacks for clothing care – wrinkle removal

There are lots of brands but if you haven’t used one of these spray wrinkle releaser, you have been missing out.  I almost never iron anymore and yet rarely go out with wrinkles.  Per the directions you should spray the clothes and lay them out flat, but half the time I spray this on after I have the clothes on.  A light mist works on simple wrinkles, but for deeper ones, I somewhat soak the shirt.  I live by this stuff!

Hack 6: Proper placement

71mLSzxAlwL._SX522_ – 6 hacks for clothing care – proper placement

Sometimes your clothes just won’t stay.  Bra straps show, buttons bulge outward showing your bra, tummy or who knows what.  Fashion tape is really just 2 sided tape sold in a say that makes the pieces very tiny and helps you get through your wardrobe issues.  There are several brands.  This is just one.  They are sometimes called fashion tape as well.

Some of these tips were found in a book called Household Secrets, published by Publications International, Ltd.  Others were just my lazy way out of life.







Life hack: How to get blood out of clothes using 2 simple ingredients

So this is my daughter.  One morning I had the fun of discovering that she gets bloody noses. As you can see, she is absolutely covered in blood (and p.s. she didn’t even know it so she was totally o.k. – in case you were worried!).  I was ready to throw out her pajamas but she begged me to try to save them.  So I threw them into the laundry basket for about a week until I finally decided to make a very half-hearted attempt.


10896408_10152976508643695_3783058872465548688_o – Easy blood removal from clothes – lemon essential oil and castile soup

I placed a few drops of lemon essential oil on her p.j.’s, on the worst of the spots.  I then placed castile soap on the p.j.’s in a more generous, but sloppy, fashion.  I really had no hope of recovering them.  I washed them in cold; dried them on low heat.  When they came out, I was shocked!  They were perfect!  Not a trace of blood left!


I have not had the opportunity to try this on other materials so if you try it, please leave a comment and let me know for what materials it does or does not work.  Thanks!

The essential oil I used was doTERRA lemon and the castile soap was Dr. Bonner’s lavender.  You can find doTERRA oils here: and castile soap at most major department stores or online stores.

4 quick tips to preserve food longer

Most of us spend way too much of our income on food.  We again spend way too much on food we simply throw away because it rots before we even eat it.  The following are 4 easy ways you can help preserve some of your food just a tad longer.


  1. Placing a sugar cube with cheese keeps your cheese fresh longer.


2. Misting stale bread with water, wrapping it in aluminum foil and then warming it in the oven will rejuvenate it.

4 simple tips to preserve food – bread


3. Wrapping your greens in a damp towel (paper or cloth) and placing them in a plastic bag can lengthen the life of your greens.

4 simple tips to preserve food – lettuce


4. Freezing milk in freezer bags will preserve it past its due date.

4 simple tips to preserve food – milk

So there you go.  You practically have a meal from food you thought would spoil.  Some of these tips I have learned on my own and some I’d like to credit to Melinda Lee.  She has a website and radio show with all kinds of great cooking tips.  You can check out her website here: