8 places to get free books

Last week I wrote an article entitled 4 realistic ways to find time to read.  https://wordpress.com/post/lifehackquicktips.wordpress.com/2817

8 places to get free books

Today I’ll be talking about where to get free books.  I love books and many books I would like to own so I can reread them.  But that gets expensive and where would I put them all?  So I’ve become pretty resourceful with ways to get free books.  There are many resources out there.  A few ways to get discounted books include thrift stores, garage sales, Kindle, Amazon and bargain stores, to name a few.  But for some key places to get free books, read on.


This is the obvious one, right?  For physical books I go to the library.  But this is not my favorite option.  Something always happens to the books.  My dog eats them (literally, no joke).  My kid tears them (why????).  I can’t find one to return it on time (seriously why haven’t they revoked my card?).  I can’t tell you (or rather don’t want to know) how much I’ve paid in late fees in the last few years.  So I do try to avoid this option.  But loans are for 3 weeks so if you think you can return the books on-time and in the same shape they left the library, go for it.

Overdrive App

Overdrive is actually the public library app.  You enter your library card number and it let you check out 25 books for 21 days.  They automatically return the books for you too.  So no late fees. EVER.  I love this.  Free, plus no late fees, what could be better?

iBooks App

Obviously this option will not be available to everyone.  You have to have an Apple product.  But there are lots of free books in this app. They have all genres too.  I’ve downloaded fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, classics.

Books App

This is an app that has books from before 1935.  So classics primarily.  They are all free.

Kindle App

Again, this is an already popular one that I’m sure many of you know about.  There are tons of free books on this app too.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members also get some free books or borrows, electronically.

Sweet Free Books

At Sweetfreebooks.com you can tell them what type of books you like and they will notify you of deals.  Just pick your genres and they will let you know.  For example: In the last 5 hours, they notified me of 5 – $0.99 books and 3 free ones in my favorite genres.  I follow them on Twitter so I get notifications easily that way.

Book Bub

At Bookbub.com you can also get free or cheap books to purchase.  I also follow them on Twitter so that I have an easy time seeing their deals.

I’m sure there are many other ways to get books, but that should get you started.  If you have places you love to get free books, let me know.  I’d love to add them to my list!



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