Life hack: How to make everyone happy for Easter – happy wallet, happy child, happy Earth

One of the issues I have with holidays is not just the impact on my wallet, but the waste they create.  At Easter, one of the worst things you can buy is that fake grass.  It gets everywhere, you just throw it away after the one use and it goes right into the landfill.  So today’s post will help you avoid the “need” to buy that, as well as a few other items.

Save money, save Earth and make the kids happy!

Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets are a waste of money.  They usually get damaged and thrown out.  Years ago I purchased plastic bins that we still use.  Buy a sturdy, reusable container.  A bucket, pail, whatever.  Something that can be reused.  This will save you money by avoiding repurchasing wicker baskets every year and is better for Earth.

Plastic Grass

So everyone seems to think they need this stuff to have a proper Easter basket.  But what you really need is some type of filler.  I buy my girls a new outfit instead.  That fills up the bottom of the bin I use and creates a colorful background for what is on top of the outfit.  This also helps the budget as I’m buying them something they need.  You could also opt for new sheets or whatever else can fill the bottom of a bin with some fluff.

Easter baskets that save the earth


Most Easter candy is unnecessary.  Do they really need that much?  I’ve opted for one signature item, like a chocolate bunny.  Keep it simple.

Plastic Eggs

If you fill these and hide them, fill them with coins.  Kids love money and it’s useful for them.  Unlike more candy or more tiny toys.  Again, this helps with the wallet and landfill space.  Kids really just love the thrill of finding the eggs and second to that, finding a surprise inside.  Beyond that, it doesn’t matter what is inside.


So far I’ve given my kids an outfit and a bunny.  So where are the gifts?  I do buy them usually a small toy and/or something else they may need, like summer shoes (flip flops, Crocs) or books.  Basically, my bunny is practical.  He always has been, so my kids are trained.  But even if your kids are used to more, you can downgrade.  Step by step.  And gifts of things they “need” and what they want often overlap.  If they love Frozen, buy them Frozen flip flops.  It fits both categories.

This year, I’m buying my girls a hollow, chocolate bunny, one clothing item they each requested, one necessity (undergarments for one and an alarm clock for the other) and a book they each wanted (and yes, my 7-year-old wanted a book with vegetarian recipes – there will be a whole other post on that development).

Easter baskets that save the earth and save money. Budget friendly Easter baskets

By avoiding all the disposable parts of Easter and by limiting the gifting, you can keep the cost of Easter to a minimum while still making your kid happy.  And you can do all this while being more conscientious of our planet.






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