Life Hack: Free Vacations by Flipping Land

We live in a beautiful country.  We have everything – forests, deserts, mountains, and swamps.  And like many people, I want to see it all.  Not only do I want to see all of it, I also want to see all my family and friends who live all over this nation.  But it’s expensive.  Or is it?

Free Vacations.png

Here is a trip I made up for purposes of this post – from L.A., CA to Houston, TX.  I made it for mid-June, when many people travel.  This pricing includes flights for 2 adults, 2 children and a hotel for the 4 of them for 1 week.  As you can see, the cost is $1680.  That’s $420 per night for 6 nights, for 4 people.


Now if I get just a flight for my family of four, it’s about $1000.


I’m saving about $750 by not getting a hotel.  But $1000 is still a chunk a change.

So what if your trip was free?  What if it was not only free, but what if every single trip you take to every single part of our fine nation, was also free?  Sounds too good to be true, right?  But it’s not.  It’s actually quite simple.

I recently started following The Land Geek.  The Land Geek has a podcast, blog, class, you name it.  He also has a Facebook support group (actually, a few of them).

The Land Geek teaches you how to flip raw land.  Undeveloped land.  You can purchase this land at land auctions, from delinquent tax lists or from wholesalers.  Depending on which of these options you choose, you can get a .25 acre for a few hundred dollars.  And you can sell it for 300% or even 1000% profit.  This is not a gimmick.  I know it sounds crazy but it’s really quite simple.  And I’ll walk through it with you.

By using raw land flipping, you can buy land wherever you want to travel, whether it’s one destination or several.  You can then stay on your land and sell it after your stay.  This gives you a free place to stay (again, it’s raw land so you would be providing your own tent/trailer/something-or-other).  After you stay on the land and, once you sell it, it pays for your trip!  Let’s get into an example using a property I recently purchased.

I purchased a property in Arizona.  I bought this from a wholesaler.  This means that he probably got a huge group of lots for very cheap, perhaps an average of $500 (maybe less) per lot and then sold them off for about $1100.  He just made 120% profit.  I purchased my lot from him for $1100.  However, the tax assessment shows a value of $2600.  And the lots are selling for about $2500.  I am not making this profit because I held on to the land or did anything to improve it.  I am making this profit because I bought it at below market value.  And the wholesaler is making his profit that way too.

So when I sell, I should make a profit of about $1100, after costs.  That’s a 100% profit.  And that’s if I sell it straight out.  If I finance the buyer, I can add interest.  But if I was visiting Arizona, I would be able to use my lot to stay there.  Or if I was traveling to Texas, as in my example above, I could stay in Arizona and then go on to stay with family in Texas.  The sale of the Arizona land will pay for my vacation (or at least a good chunk of it).

Now if I had purchased the land from a person who was behind on the taxes and was no longer interested in the land, I probably could have obtained the land for a few hundred dollars and then the entire profit would be mine (about 350%) or about $2000.

So if I know I’m going to/through Arizona later this year for vacation, I can buy a lot and then stay on that lot.  I can either drive there and camp or I can fly there and likewise rent a camper.  But I have a place to stay as my own home base.  When I’m home from my trip, I can sell the plot.  In looking at the travel costs listed above, I can pay for some or all of my trip with the purchase and selling of this land.

Alternatively, I can flip the land and never use it; never visit it.  I can just use the profits to pay for my vacation, bills or whatever.

This business really takes little start up costs as the land is so cheap.  The regulations that apply to tenants, do not apply here so flipping raw land is much easier than renting or selling a home.

Just imagine that you own a plot in each state and take a year or so to travel to each  of them.  Always a free place to stay.  And you don’t need a reservation.  Just go when you want and if you don’t plan to return, just sell it.  Make back a part of your vacation cost.

Just keep in mind that raw land flipping does not involve tenants or structures to fix up.  Raw land flipping does not require “holding” or improving.  It does not require a class to learn about it, but if you take the class The Land Geek offers (I am not an affiliate), he does provide preferred counties to purchase land and preferred sites to sell the land.  So he makes it even easier to get started.

So instead of spending a few hundred dollars on vacation (which my above example shows is not enough money anyway), spend it on land.  Save money on that vacation by staying on the land and then, flip it.  Make a few hundred percent in profit and pay for your entire vacation.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know.






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