2 Mammogram Alternatives 

Whether male or female, as we age, there are annual or semi-annual exams we should get. A few years ago I heard about an alternative to a mammogram. While it’s taken a few years, I finally did the research. I was rewarded with not one, but two alternatives. 


A breast ultrasound is probably more comfortable than a mammogram. It is often recommended for women with finerous or dense tissue breasts as it can help to avoid misunderstanding dense matter that would show up on a mammogram.  However, it is not useful for detecting the microcalcifications seen in early breast cancer. 

Ultimately, women, unless told otherwise by their doctor, should simply get a mammogram. And some of those women may need an ultrasound thereafter. 


It appears thermography would also be another, more comfortable alternative to a mammogram. I found these amazing quotes that said thermography, “has 99% accuracy in identifying breast cancer in women in the 30 to 55 age group.” “Thermography can detect abnormalities from 8 to 10 years before mammography can detect a mass”. 

However, it appears this is incorrect. The FDA has not approved this method for breast cancer detection and there are cancer patients out there trying to warn others to not use this method as the only detection system. 

Thermography is a color image of your body. The colors help detect denser mass in your body. But it seems there are issues with the accuracy. So until the science behind this is more concrete, it appears women just need to get a mammogram if they want the highest accuracy and earliest detection for breast cancer. 

If you know of any other alternative, let me know!  I love learning more. 

The above info was obtained from the following sites:





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