How to avoid the Valentine Day gift rut

So when I was searching for the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, you know, to get ideas, I was informed that the U.S. is full of very dull people.  The most popular gifts, according to the below site, are cards and flowers, followed by candy and a night out.  Below that is jewelry, clothing and gift cards, in that order.  Boring.

After seeing that list, I don’t feel so bad about my lack of ideas.  But I refuse to give in to that list!  So I’ve complied a list of websites and stores that might help you, if you don’t want to give in to that list either.

Okay, so they usually give lots of ideas and none of them make me happy.  So good luck.

I love this site.  Whether your significant other is into Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter or even just dinosaurs, there are shirts, desk sets, toys, mugs, whatever.  Sadly, in my case, this website applies more to me than my hubby.  He’s not really obsessed with any one “thing”.   Despite that,  I have found things for him here anyway.  It really does have a lot of fun stuff.

This site has a wide variety of tools, fun stuff, gadgets, etc.  They even have a Valentine’s Day article for you.

This site also has a lot of different ideas.  Including this $15 squirrel feeder that I just had to share.  And of course, the gadgets are not just for guys.

This is all about homemade, personalized, unique gifts.  Purses, shoes, toys and of course, those things I’m trying to avoid – clothing, jewelry, etc.  At least here, the jewelry is custom made and therefore unique.  If you are going to do typical, why do mass produced?  For example, here is a ring that is inexpensive, dainty and made with a stone you don’t see every day.

Even if the gift is late, I say, it’s better to be late and awesome, than on time and falling into the traditional, every year, Valentine’s Day rut.

If you have websites that you think should be added to this list, let me know!


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