The 4 Best Essential Oils for the Sick

So I’ve barely been posting this month. I’ve been so sick. I’ve been multiple types of sick too. I used to think that essential oil users never got sick. Wasn’t that the point?  Apparently not. Oil users are not super humans.  

So considering I’ve been sick for 3 weekends in a row (3 different issues), here’s a list of the oils I used and how I used them. 


This is great for fever reduction and helping with headaches. I rub a drop on my temples or sniff it. 


This blend is an immune system booster. I rub this on as much as every 15 minutes. It doesn’t leave my bedside, unless I leave my bedside. I also gargle with it. It can help clean out that junk in the throat. If I feel a post-nasal drip, a gargle of this can sometimes stop its progression. 


I will heat water in a mug, put a drop of this into it, and inhale.  This opens up the passageways. I recommend the water be warm, not hot. 


This is a blend often used to aid digestion. But if you rub it on your chest, it can help with breaking up mucus. I rub it from stomach to collarbone. It really is amazing. 

The main argument I see for not trying the oils, is the cost. But if you buy over the counter meds, 1-2 types per sickness, the cost is at least $10 per med.  The oils don’t expire like OTC meds. They will cost more up front. But they will last you through many illnesses.  And most importantly, they work!

For more information on oils, message me or visit 


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