How to Become Educated – Fast

NYC.pngHave you ever noticed that when you are in school, you have so many things to talk about?  You are exposed to so many different things, things you don’t necessarily care about.  But through that exposure, you can comment upon almost any conversation; you have something to add.

When you’re not in school, you slowly start losing your information.  Lots of it just seeps out of the brain, especially once you have kids.  Those endless, sleepless nights take their toll on your once-brilliant brain.  You go from being someone who will make their children geniuses, to someone who can’t even tell their children who is running the major countries of the world.  It’s just sad.

A year or more ago, I started taking my kids to the library every few weeks.  Regularly.  On occasion, I’d even leave them at home and go alone.  But regularly, I would pick out books on people and events.  This are small books, with lots of pictures and they are quick reads.  Suddenly, I’m educated again.  Through very quick and easy reading, I can add odd facts to any conversation.  In the last month alone I’ve read books about:

Harriet Tubman

Prudence Truth

Lady of Guadalupe

Frieda Kahlo

Helen Keller

And a few other topics too!

Because these books are in the children’s section, they are short and to the point.  I don’t have to be an expert on these people, but it’s nice to refresh my memory on who they were and what they did.  Who wants to talk about which movie star is in rehab again?  And if you’re single and dating, even better.  Aim to find someone who can appreciate conversation about topics outside the Hollywood world.  Or if you are going out with an artist, read a bunch of these books on various artists.  Show your date that you know at least a bit about the art world.  The possibilities for these short, but helpful, books are endless!

There are so many topics covered in children’s books that it doesn’t have to be just people.  There are entire civilizations or current events.  There are major fictional characters that are practically a part of our history anyway, like King Arthur.  There are also animal books.  There are so many fun facts about animals.

The key with these books is that they are short enough that you can read several in an hour.  You can read about topics beyond the normal Benjamin Franklin history set.  And because the books are to the point, you’ll probably remember them for longer than if you were bogged down in the details of their world.

There is a huge series of “Who was” books.  They are written by many authors.  These are very informative.  For example: Yona Zeldis McDonough has written “Who was Rosa Parks”, “Who was Luis Armstrong” and many others.


National Geographic also puts out a great series of books on people and topics such as Helen Keller or pandas.  Again, quick information.


And don’t forget the picture books.


If you have other ways that you get a quick educational fix, let me know!  I love learning new things and with my short amount of free time, I need more ways to get it all in!


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