How to make a New Year’s Resolution that sticks!

New Year’s resolutions never work. By the time The new year rolls around, you forget them. And then you feel guilty about it. Then you feel mad and say – forget it then!  I’ll just do it next year!  

And, of course, you set impossible goals. So you are setting yourself up for failure in the first place. So here’s a few ideas to help you make it work. Hopefully these examples can be applied to the amazing resolution you’ve set for yourself. 

Forget the start date

This is key. I used to say I would start my resolution on January first. And then I’d forget to start. And then I just wouldn’t do it. And this would happen all year long. “I’ll start my diet Monday.”  But I’d forget!  So then I’d say, “I’ll start tomorrow.”  And then I’d forget!  So don’t do that!  Start now. Right now!  There is no better time to eat right, exercise, call your long lost friend, start saving, then right now!!!!  Your chance of starting is so much greater if you start now. And if you forget to do your resolution tomorrow morning, then start again that afternoon. Every moment is a new one. 

The resolution is flexible

Resolution – Go to gym 3x per week. What does that really mean?  Are you going for 20 minutes or 2 hours?  Once you figure out what your actual goal is, then you can work on the actual resolution. What happens is, life gets in the way. You get sick and can’t work out 3x that week. But if your goal is 3x per week for 20 minutes, you can fit that time in around being sick. So if you miss two sessions, maybe you stay longer the next few times. 

Resolution – Spend less.  What a great goal. But then everyone on Earth gets married and they want you in the wedding. So maybe this means you go out less. Maybe you learn to make really nice gifts. These ideas would help you spend less, even in a year where you are spending more than normal.  And of course, part of spending less is doing less that costs money. But figure out the goal. Is it to save for a particular purpose?  Is it to consume less waste?  Why are you trying to spend less?  

Resolution – Eat healthy. Let’s face it. This isn’t going to happen overnight. If your body is used to sugar, you will crave it. Don’t set a resolution to diet. Set one to eat healthier.  Every time you fail to eat healthy, look at the rest of your day. Can you still make it a decent eating day?  If you eat a treat but can still turn your day around to where you are eating healthier than last year, it’s still a win!  

Use an App

Whatever you are doing, there’s an app to help you do it!  There are apps for scheduling, reminding, goals, anything. Just to name a few that may help with popular goals:

30/30 is free and helps with moving through you to-do list. 

Mint is free and helps with budgeting. 

iPhones now have a health app included that covers nutrition, exercise and sleep. 

The list is honestly endless. But find that support so you don’t forget what you’re trying to accomplish!  If you have a favorite New Year’s Resolution app, leave a comment. I always love to hear about more apps. 


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