Life Hack: How to be Awesome at your job

So recently, I was a guest on the How to be Awesome at your job podcast!  This podcast helps workers be the best that they can be, whether it’s a job they already have, they want to get or, they want to create.

I highly recommend checking the podcast out in iTunes.  The host, Pete Mockaitis interviews many different types of people in many different aspects of the labor market.

So, what is the life hack I’m offering to you this week?  To give you a brief sum up of my tip for how to be awesome at your job: Make everyone else look awesome.  Make their job easier and make it easier for them to shine.

How can you do this?  Well what is your job?  First, you have to know how to do it.  So make sure you take care of that first.  The best way to ensure you know this, is to ask around.  Don’t just assume because you’ve done this before, that you are doing it how this company wants you to do it.  So know your job.

Next, you have to take care of those who “support” you.  If you have an assistant of any sort or anyone that has to help in in any way, you need to treat them well.  You can accomplish this by understanding their job and helping them do it.  Wait a minute!  They are supposed to help you, right?  Right.  But if you throw them a bunch of sloppy instructions that forces them to come to you with lots of questions and delays the whole project, that doesn’t help anyone and really frustrates everyone.  That goes against “treating them well”.  So give clear instructions, take the time to show them how you want things done, and ask them what they want from you.  By doing this, you help them meet deadlines, meet quotas or whatever else they have to do in their position.  When you help the “support” staff to look good, they in turn will help you and make you look good.

Third, you need to figure out what your boss’s job requires.  Do they have quotas?  Statistics they have to meet?  Monetary goals?  Do they report to someone else or are they the end of the line?  If your boss has a boss then you need to ask, “What would make my boss look good to their boss?”  Then you should cater the way you do your job, toward your boss’s goals.  You do this by not only meeting your own goals as determined by your boss, but helping others reach theirs.  This makes the office look good and thereby makes your boss look good.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of praise!  If someone helps you out, praise them to management.  Copy the worker on that email so they know that you told management.  The more you praise others, the more likely they are to praise you; the more likely the office and management will think highly of you.  And save all praise that comes your way.  Keep a folder (electronic or paper) of all praise to use come raise time.

So if you are ready to hear the full podcast, visit:


I mention a few other loves of mine, essential oils and giving advice regarding whether law school is right for a person.  If you are interested in either, leave a comment below.




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