Quick tip: The secret Disney website


Looking for cool recipes?  Maybe you’re hosting a Disney party, a tea or just want to try something cute?  Or maybe you want craft ideas.  There is a whole section of the Disney website that is almost hidden.  You need to visit https://family.disney.com.

You can then go into crafts, activities, recipes or parties.  Personally, I love the recipes best.  But I’ve posted a few samples of each so you can see what’s there.  There really aren’t any archive folders, unfortunately.  You just have to scroll back through time or do a search by the character or show you want.  But there are so many neat ideas in there.  And many are very easy!

So I made this cake for my kids a few years ago.

Disney birthday cake. Mickey mouse birthday cake.











It’s super easy and can be found at: https://family.disney.com/recipe/disney-recipe-mickeys-all-ears-cake/


I also made this for my daughter’s class, for her birthday.

Eyeballs. Alternative birthday treats.








This grossed the kids out but they loved it.  And they were individual size so no need to cut things up or make a mess.  Recipe here: https://family.disney.com/recipe/edible-eyeballs/


Talk about super easy.  This is a great idea for a simple tea party.

Tea party. Tea cakes.











Tiny Teacakes


This recipe is adorable and super easy as well.  Kids love this stuff.

Cool cupcakes. Octopus.

Ursula’s Octopus Cupcakes










Turning more toward the crafts section of the site…

Incredibles masks.

The Incredibles No-Sew Masks

Or maybe pencil decorations is more to your liking.

Pencil decorations. Disney. Winnie the Pooh.











5 Ways to Dress Up No. 2 Pencils

There are many crafts for all age groups.

Nightmare before Christmas. Paper dolls. Disney.











Nightmare Before Christmas Playset


I highly recommend you take some time and play with the site.  Most people seem to use it for the parks and don’t even realize the other awesome stuff on there.  My kids love the different deserts and dinners I’ve made over the years with the help of that site.  When you find a favorite, share it!  I’d love to see it.  Enjoy!


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