Life Hack: 6 Exercises For Your Drive

los-angeles-1396606So I spend a fair amount of time in the car.  Not all of it is commuting.  I drive all over L.A. on the weekends.  The beach, various events, visiting people on the other side of L.A. (which is no small feat).  So I was researching exercises for those drives.  What I found were many recommendations for passengers, but not for drivers.  The following are specifically for drivers, although some may require that you are stopped momentarily.

Stretch & Squeeze

Place your hands against the roof of your car and push upward.  Squeeze you abs simultaneously.  Hold for 10 seconds.  Release.  Repeat as much as possible.  This will work your core, arms, shoulders and back.

Arm Twist

Open your window and straighten both arms to the side.  With your one palm up and the other down, start switching the direction of your palms.  If possible, do 50, rest 10 seconds, start again.  This tones the arms and shoulders.  Sorry short people, this may not be possible for you!

Tummy Suck

Pull your belly button in towards your spine as if you are trying to suck in your tummy to put on a tight pair of pants.  Hold or, breathe out quickly about 20 times. As you breathe out, contract your lower abs even harder which will flex your abs in and out.

Breathing Ab Exercises

Keep your shoulders down and back.  Do not arch your lower back. Breathe normally.  At the end of your breath, contract your Kegel muscles as you draw your navel back into your back as far as you can go. Hold this position for a 5 seconds.  Release.

Hand Grip

Purchase a hand grip at your local sporting goods store. Squeeze the hand grip, alternating hands.  This will work you arms. And is a good one for stress release.

Mini Bicep Curl

Purchase a lightweight, rubber dumbbell.  Slightly bend your arm.  Move the weight towards your body until your forearm is in a vertical position while keeping your elbow stationary.  Hold this vertical position for at least one second, then slowly bring the weight down.  Repeat 10x.  In more limited spaces, the bicep muscle can also be tightened with the weight held outward for an isometric version.

I’ve tried some of the movement free ones in church too.  They really can be done anywhere. Meetings, weddings….

There are so many more exercises that can be done if you are a passenger in a car or on public transit.  Some of those exercises can be found in the below links.  I’d also like to thank the following websites/blogs for their contributions to this article.

The Car Workout: 3 Exercises Perfect for Road-Trips & Long Commutes





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