Life hacks: 5 ways to reduce your landfill impact: Party time


Our society is so wasteful.  And our parties are at the height of this.  We buy disposable products for every aspect of the event.  Decorations.  Plates.  Cups.  Gift bags.  Pinatas.  Invitations.

There are many ways to reduce the impact a party normally places upon our landfill space.



For my daughter’s Frozen themed birthday party a few years ago, I used a Frozen shower screen as a backdrop, instead of purchasing a bunch of disposable decorations.  The screen could be reused and it created a great backdrop for pictures.

Flowers or using outside space can be a great way to decorate naturally.  A friend of mine used potted succulents as her wedding centerpieces to avoid the waste involved in killing so many flowers.  They were beautiful.

I also use the food as my decorations.  The cake, a watermelon in the shape of a ladybug, cake pops or sugar sticks or any other candy (which could also double as a part of the ultimate gift bag gift).  They can all make a setting really cute and fun.  Without a lot of waste product.

There are many natural ways to decorate, without creating so much waste.


OK so you don’t want to give that up?  How about making your own?  At least you would be using recycled materials, for the most part.  And a homemade one probably will not have quite so many ribbons and so forth that further pollute our world.

Here’s a short Youtube video on how to make one.

Reusable Serving Ware

If you are having a party at home, is it at all possible to use your plates?  Sometimes this simply isn’t possible.  But the more items you can use from your home, the better.  Even if it’s just the serving spoons, every little bit helps.  I’ve noticed that depending on the party, I can sometimes use a lot of my personal supplies.  If that’s not possible, perhaps purchasing cups as part of the party gift is one way to cut down on landfill space.

Party Activities & Gifts

girl-358294.jpgIn the past I’ve been able to find activities for the kids which also double for their party gift.  I try to give them something that can be used for a while, rather than stickers or things that will be thrown out soon.  For example, I supplied paints for a jar and soil and succulents for the jar, once dry.  So they had an in-party activity and a party gift to go.  Something that was easy to care for and may last for a while.  A mason jar could serve a similar purpose.  Drink holder and perhaps could be decorated as well.

Invitations & Thank You’s

This is essentially addressed in one of my prior blogs, which can be viewed at:

If you have additional ways to reduce our impact on our landfills, please let me know!  I’d love to hear them.


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