Life hack: 5 EASY morning routines for better health


There are so many things a person can do to increase their metabolism and detox.  A lot of it has to do with morning routine.   Below is a quick list of some of these items.  For more details, the links to additional articles and where some of my source material came from, is listed below.



Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is definitely something you have to work on.  You may only be able to keep the oil in your mouth for a few seconds but you can easily add time to this routine with a little practice.  And this is something you can do while getting ready.  It requires no extra time on your part.  Just put a very small amount of coconut oil into your mouth and swish it around for up to 20 minutes.  MAKE SURE YOU NEVER SWALLOW THE OIL!  The oil will soon contain your toxins.  Do not swallow it.  Spit it out!

Oil pulling is known to whiten teeth, increase energy, detox the body, assist with hormonal changes, reduce headaches, keep skin clear and assists with oral hygiene.

Drink cold lemon water


So drinking a glass of cold lemon water also takes no time so it can also be added to your morning routine without a problem.  Some of the benefits of doing this are: freshens breath, gives your body vitamins, reduces feelings of hunger, and aids your digestive system.

Eat a high protein breakfast


Eating at least 35 grams of protein for breakfast can help control appetite throughout the day by helping you to feel fuller throughout the day, thereby reducing unnecessary snacking and large meals.  Of course, the type of protein you eat is important too.  Bacon is not going to help with your overall health.  Focus on eggs or spinach or a protein shake.

Eat fruit for breakfast


Another breakfast recommendation is eating fruit.  This is shown to help with feeling full, detoxing, stimulating the digestive tract, reducing bloating, waking up your body, boosting your immune system, losing weight, creating an alkaline environment for the body and strengthening the heart. The natural sugars in fruit are much healthier than the sugars you get from coffee and pastries.  You can get fruit in your breakfast by actually eating fruit or drinking it via smoothie or juicing.


So this may take a bit of time.  And this may be the hardest one to do.  But just think of all the times you were going to work out at night and then got distracted, tired or just decided not to.  The benefits of exercising in the morning are actually greater than exercising at night, so this is something you really should try.
Some of the benefits of exercising in the morning include: enhancing your metabolism, improving your physical energy, improving your mental energy, improving your sleep and helping you reach your fitness goals.

For more information on all of the above, feel free to read the following articles:

7 Benefits of Morning Exercise, Plus 5 Tricks To Actually Love It (even if you hate mornings!)


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