Quick tip: Presidential candidate alternatives

statue-of-liberty-1210001_1920So everyone is complaining about the Clinton vs. Trump situation.  They complain we have no options.  They say they won’t vote.  So they riot instead.  This is ridiculous.  Rioting is for places where freedom of speech and freedom to vote do not exist.  The correct way to show the Republican and Democratic parties that we are dissatisfied, is to not vote for their candidates.  In that way, we force them to present better alternatives next time.

People seem to think we live in a two-party system.  That is incorrect.  Our system is dominated by two parties.  But we have a multi-party system.  We have options.  We can vote for any one of the candidates running for President.  It has never been the job of a voter to pick the better candidate of the Republicans and Democrats.  It has always been the job of a voter to look at all candidates running for President and vote for the one they think will do the best job (in the voter’s opinion), regardless of their party.

So people say, “But then my vote doesn’t count” or “I can’t vote for someone from one of those “other” parties”.  But your vote does count!  When you vote for those other candidates you are showing your preference.  You are showing your dissatisfaction.  You are showing that our government needs to wake up and make some changes.  And that is what voting is all about!  We don’t need to riot to make change.  We do need to scare these politicians out of their jobs.  We need to show them through our vote, that we hold the power.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote.  I’m not going to discuss the merits of the various candidates in any detail.  But I will give you a quick bit of info on each of them so that you can look deeper at the one that perhaps piques your interest the most, if you don’t look at all of them – which you should.


Jill Stein – Green Party

A Massachusetts physician who has run for President and other offices in the past and may win the Green Party nomination on August 6.  She, obviously, is an advocate for environmental issues.

Gary Johnson – Libertarian Party

A two-term governor of New Mexico and business owner who received the Libertarian nomination.  He formerly ran for President under the Republican banner but switched parties after that failed.  He is known for being THC sympathetic, fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

Hillary Clinton

An attorney, former Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, former Senator from New York, and former first lady who has earned the Democratic nomination.  She is known for being surrounded by quite a few lawsuits.

Donald Trump

An investment mogul and TV personality running who has earned the Republican nomination.  He is known for his less than diplomatic manner.

Independent Candidates

There are 23 independent candidates that are running for office.  Honestly, while I really didn’t start this post with an opinion, I have to say the independent candidates are extremists and/or have no political experience and no idea what they are doing.  I started typing a brief run down of each candidates’ ideals but just couldn’t take it anymore.  After about 5 of them, I decided to just post the link that has the info.  You can take your time and try to find a decent one from the bunch if you’d like.  I think the key here is that the 2 main parties have their candidates.  The 2 other main subparties have their candidates, or will as of 8/6/16.

These are experienced people and may present a voting alternative for you.  The independent candidates range from people who have some supporters to people who seem to have had a random idea to run for President.  If you find someone in this group you can support, great.  Spread the word and get them noticed!  The power is in your hands!  Spread the information.  Don’t just leave it to the press, who clearly increasingly seems to support chaos over rational presentation of facts.

If you want more info on how each of these candidates feels about a particular subject, such as taxes, abortion, immigration, etc., please visit: http://2016.presidential-candidates.org/.  Their site is well-organized to allow the reader to easily pick the candidate and the issue so they can quickly become educated.

Thank you to: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/06/2016-election/384828/ & http://2016.presidential-candidates.org/ for supplying most of the above information on the candidates.





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