The best, most cost-effective So Cal activities for your kids this summer

There are so many things to do with your kids in Southern California. Especially in Summer. There are plenty of blogs with long lists of free activities. This is a list of 2 activities, that for a cheap price, will keep you busy all day. One for L.A. and one for the O.C.

Adventure City

Perhaps the best kept secret in So Cal. This amusement park is geared toward kids under 12. It’s small but loaded with fun. The smaller park means less stress with kids wanting to ride different rides or run from one ride to the next. Even one adult with two very young children. Can watch as the kids ride separate rides and yet are never out of sight.

Parking is free and I’ve never had to park more than 20 feet from the entrance.

There are minimal lines for the rides, if any. This is a video I took on Friday afternoon, 7/22/16.

As you can see, lines are not a problem. And the staff is the friendliest anywhere. They even have a Starbucks inside. For more info. visit:

Santa Clarita Aquatic Center

This place hosts a kiddy water playground aimed at kids 10 and under. However , there is one larger slide for kids over 48″ and a high dive in the pool next to the playground.   Yes, other cities have similar places. Burbank is one such place. But the prices are steep. You have to be a Burbank resident or accompanied by one to not pay a fortune. So for a cost effective trip to a cool water playground, go to Santa Clarita.


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