Life hack: How to save hundreds of dollars every year with one simple tip


I’m always looking for ways to save money.  There is always something else to spend my money on.  This one skill, which I’ve learned fairly quickly and easily, has saved my family hundreds of dollars over the last year or so.  What is the magic?  It’s called sewing.  Now before you tune out because you don’t sew, there’s a channel called YouTube.  There are lots of videos that can teach you to sew, to maintain your machine, etc.  Just check out the reviews on some basic machines and buy one.  You can get one fairly inexpensively and it will save you so much money!

Okay, so let’s assume you bought a machine and watched a few videos on how to sew in a straight line.  So how do I use this skill to save my family money?

First, I have sewn lots of gift for friends and family.  Useful things that would have cost plenty of money to buy, but having sewn them, they were not so bad.  The best place for ideas and easy patterns is Pinterest.  Just of the few things I made (seriously they were not difficult):

One idea for kids of all ages – a monster towel.


Here’s the pattern for the monster.  I came up with my own general idea, but it’s based on this blog:

One idea for baby – a bib


This is a super easy pattern.  Thanks to:

One idea for a new mom – a specialized after-bath towel/apron


This is slightly altered from the pattern.  I added a lining to the top, by the chest.  But I purchased this from:

One idea for little boys – bow tie


This is easier than you would think!  I got this from

One idea for women – kimonos


I did a few different patterns and materials here to try it all out.  The kimono on the left is a silk type of material.  The other two are more like a jersey.  I got these from:

Those are just the presents!

I also have repaired all our clothes.

I’ve added extra material to the end of my daughter’s dresses so that they last longer.  I’ve also pulled in some dresses that I bought for her that were too wide.  Before I would have had to return the too-wide dresses and I would have had to tell my daughter, “I know we just bought you this dress and that it still fits, but it’s a bit too short to wear.”  Sewing has saved many tears in this household.  You can also add extra material to the bottom of jeans or sleeves to make them last longer.  The possibilities are endless with just this one skill.

I know that if you are just getting started you may think, I don’t want to mess up!  So take clothes that your kids have completely destroyed or just outgrown and try fixing them.  Practice fixing hems.  And then, move on to the real thing!

If you want to quickly collect easy sewing patterns, you can follow me on Pinterest at  I have videos on there as well.

Don’t be afraid.  Give it a try!






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