Quick tip: How to lose a few inches/pounds in a week

This tip is not scientific.  It’s not based on any studies.  It’s based on my experience.  My body.  So it may not work as well for you.  But, then again, it may work amazing for you!

So you need to lose a few pounds, or inches and quickly.  You’ve got a date, wedding, whatever and you know you aren’t going to become a model in the week or so you have until that event.  So what to do?  Here’s a few things that help me out at the last minute.

Move more!


What do I mean?  I mean, move at all times.  When you shower, step in place.  When you blow dry your hair, do a long squat.  When you are cooking, twist, squat, take little steps.  Even in your chair at work, tap your feet.  Even if you are only burning mini-calories, it’s something.  And it’s probably getting your metabolism moving too.

Do sit ups every night



OK, so in my opinion, there is a difference in sit ups.  I have been following this routine off and on for a while now.  It is really hard to do the first time or two but gets easier after that (or maybe a little after that).  But once you get used to it, it only takes 15 minutes and I see serious results, quickly.  So do this routine everyday until your event (and maybe just keep this as a daily routine too).

Reduce your drinks


So for that vital weight loss week, if you must have caffeine, drink only coffee – no specialty drinks that have a million calories.  Even a latte has more calories than coffee.  And keep the cream and sugar light.

Avoid juice – it has lots of calories too.

No alcohol.  Or at least no caloric drinks until your event.  Again, if it’s only for a week or so, you really can avoid these drinks.

Soda.  No soda.  Do I really need to explain?  Again, just for the week.

So what does that leave?  Tea, water.  There are other choices out there too.  But for a week, you will survive on just basic drinks.  It will make a difference.

No dessert


Again, one week.  You can do this!  It’s not forever.  (OK this might be where I cheat).

Eat right


So we all know that watching quantity and what we eat is important.  I’m not going to tell you to only eat salads.  But just try to watch the fried foods, fast food and overly processed foods during this week.  If you can avoid all of that, great.  If you can’t, remember, every little bit helps!  Do the best you can.

Use essential oils


You may want to rub Grapefruit oil (diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil) on your tummy as it has properties known to help control appetite.  Or you can diffuse it.  Also, if this upcoming event involves a swimsuit, it also helps improve the appearance of cellulite.  However, please note that you do not want to use this oil for 24 hours before sun exposure as it can make your skin more sun sensitive.  So I would use it for the week, up until the day before.  Please be sure you are using organic oil that is meant to be applied topically.  Not all oils are created equal!

I would also make an essential oil body wrap.  DoTerra uses a blend of oils called Slim N Sassy Metabolic Blend and it is often used for this purpose.  You dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil (usually a few drops of the essential oil for a tablespoon of carrier oil is about right).  Then you rub it all over your hips and tummy.  Wrap it up with a bandage.  Do not use any plastic!  Essential oils “eat” plastic.  So use cloth.  Leave it on for a minimum of one hour.  You can leave it on overnight if you would like.  My friends and I saw an average of an inch difference around our waists when we took the wraps off.  I’ve heard of as much as six inches!  These are not permanent results.  This a a very temporary result.  This is more to assist with bloating and water retention.  So do it he night before you need it.

To purchase visit: http://www.doterra.com/blackbourn.


Hopefully these tips, when all combined for a week (or perhaps less), can help you fit into that outfit, feel better in your bathing suit or whatever you need.  These are also good ideas to do on a regular basis.  If you cannot maintain this regimen all the time, why not once a month?  Every little bit of exercise and proper diet helps.  Good luck!




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