Life hack: How to de-stress – when you really just can’t

Sometimes we get so stressed that we forget that really simple things can lessen our load.  Below are a list of ways to de-stress.  Everyone is different.  Every situation is different.  But all of these methods have been tested and have worked at some point.  The key is that you have to know what works for you.  And then you have to remember to work it.  If you haven’t found anything that really works, that is when you try other people’s suggestions, such as….

Calming music

Have you tried lullaby station on Pandora?  Lots of very soothing music on there!  Can’t handle all the calmness?  Try a love song station on Pandora or religious music or any other type of music that calms you.

Really fun music

Think “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” or other music that makes you wanna bop around.  Can’t handle all that fun?  Try music that came out when you were a teen.  Music that reminds me of my junior high dances always makes me smile.

Stress music

Songs that just say, this sucks, I need out!  The other day I was stressed.  This song came on the radio and made me laugh.  Sometimes you need someone to scream about your issues to make you feel better.  After this song, my mood surprisingly was much better!



Everyone has favorite smells.  People can smell a fruit smell and suddenly cheer up.  Others need more of a lavender type smell.  You really need to try to figure out your “happy” scents before you are stressed so you can quickly grab them when things are heading downhill.

There are so many ways to get access to these scents too.  For example, I LOVE jasmine.  I had to drive a lot the other day.  I walked by a jasmine plant during one of my driving breaks.  I stopped to smell it.  I was suddenly smiling.  When I went to get back in my car, I broke off some of the jasmine so I could enjoy the smell for the next leg of my trip.

Another example, lavender doesn’t do much for me.  But lavender with vanilla apparently can calm me down so much that if I’m so overstressed and I simply can’t focus, suddenly after smelling lavender+vanilla, I notice I can focus.  It really is amazing. For this purpose I use doTERRA “Serenity” essential oil.  A drop on a diffuser ball or on my wrist or even just sniffing it out of the bottle, enables me to refocus.

If you want to know where to buy it, you can find it here:

Improve the view

Sometimes we need to just get away.  I have a Pinterest board that is called “Serenity” (by coincidence and actually not inspired by the oil I use!).  It’s pictures of places I consider beautiful.  Places I’d love to take a book and read.  Or places I’d just like to relax.  Even if I can’t go there, just looking at those pictures puts me in a different mindset.

You are welcome to visit my page at:



It may not possible at all times, but taking a break and just relaxing for a few minutes can really reenergize you and make a difference in your productivity and your attitude.  Even just sitting at your desk, closing your eyes and focusing on breathing for a mere minute can alter your mental state.


You may not want to exercise, but it really does change your whole outlook on life.  You feel better when you accomplish something as simple as a sit-up set you’ve been wanting to do.  Even just stretching can improve your outlook.  If you stretch consistently, you will find you will become more flexible.  When you suddenly can touch your toes or touch your forehead to your knee, it’s a very exciting feeling and will put a smile on your face!  Dedicate just a few minutes to doing this daily and your overall stress level will decrease!


All of these ideas have so many studies supporting their effectiveness.  But we often forget to employ them.  Using a combination of these ideas will help maintain a lower stress level.  But when you have reached a point where you just can’t calm down, make sure you MAKE the time to employ several of these techniques. That often is the key.  Just remembering how and when to get started.

To use an example.  If you are overwhelmed at your desk at work, focus on breathing, look at some pretty pictures, and breathe in some yummy smells (whether via oils, perfume, whatever) and play a song from your phone/computer.  This will take about 3 minutes and will probably improve your mood and increase your productivity.  If you can follow this with another 3 minutes of closed eye relaxation, even better.  This same scenario can be done in your car.  So even if you are on the road, just pull over for a minute and take a moment to regroup.  The lost work time it takes to do this, will be regained once you feel better.





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