Life hack: 3 ways to feel like you don’t have a menstrual cycle

Menstrual cup

Life hack: 3 ways to feel like you don’t have a menstrual cycle

So what is a menstrual cup?  It’s a little funnel looking thing that you put in, instead of a tampon.  It catches the flow all day long.  What is great about this is that you can literally go anywhere and do anything with this.  You can play sports and not worry about when you last “changed yourself”.  You can go camping, to the amusement park, etc.  And you don’t have to keep going to the restroom.  Put it in, 12 hour later, take it out.  And they have sizes.  For more or less flow.  I know you are thinking:  there is no way that will work for me.  But it will.  I recommend you try it for at least 3 months before making up your mind.  Like anything else, it takes a bit to get used to it but just imagine the freedom of actually forgetting all day long that you have your flow.  No need to make special trips to the restroom.  No need to interrupt your work.  The picture above is of just one of the brands out there.  The various brands can be found on Amazon.

Menstrual underwear

I’m not sure if there are more brands out there.  But for now, Thinx is the brand I’m aware of.  They have many styles and the bigger the underwear, the more they hold.  However, I have found these work best of days where you’re just not sure you will start.  Or, you think you are done.  I don’t care for them for full flow days personally.  But, give them a try!  Again, imagine the freedom of not worrying about whether you are going to start or not.  The undies are supper comfy and each purchase helps a girl in a developing country as well!  Visit to check them out.

Clary sage oil

Life hack: 3 ways to feel like you don’t have a menstrual cycle

This oil, as stated in the doTERRA Product Guide, is known for assisting with lifting mood, supporting balanced hormones, and soothing monthly discomfort associated with menstrual cycles.  I use a blend created by doTERRA called Clary Calm, which blends clary sage oil with other oils meant to assist similarly.  I recommend applying the oil a few days before your flow is expected and continue as needed.  Visit to purchase.

By using these 3 methods, your monthly flow will be a lot less noticeable.  You will not only feel better, but you will be saving the earth by reusing the cup and underwear instead of using tampons or pads and you will be helping girls around the world.  It’s a win-win!




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