6 tips you MUST know before using essential oils

Some oils should not be applied

directly to the skin

6 tips you MUST know before using essential oils

Some oils are hot.  This means they can cause a burning sensation to your skin and you should dilute them before applying.

Using water with essential oils makes them stronger

6 tips you MUST know before using essential oils

Do not try to “wash away” essential oils.  If you are having a burning sensation or anything else that makes you want to “wash away” the essential oil, use a carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil.  That dilutes the essential oil.

Oils can melt plastic

6 tips you MUST know before using essential oils

Do not expose the essential oils to plastic.  They eat away at it and if you are then applying or consuming that oil, you probably also taking in plastic as well.  Examples include putting a drop of citrus oil into your water which is in a plastic water bottle or making a body scrub and putting it in Tupperware.  Use glass, metal or similar materials when using essential oils.

Typically, HDPE plastic as well as plastics number 1 (PETE) and 2 are safe for use with essential oils. (as seen above) – See more at: http://doterrablog.com/ask-dr-hill-carrier-oils-plastic-and-essential-oils-interacting-with-our-bodies/#sthash.g1Kr1dLH.dpuf.

Oils should be treated like vitamins or medicine

6 tips you MUST know before using essential oils

People do not take essential oils seriously.  They, like just about any other substance, can interact with your medicines or health conditions.  If you are not supposed to be exposed to certain foods because of medicines you are on or a health condition you have, you need to check with your doctor if you can use the essential oil version of that item.  And you should mention your essential oil usage when you talk to your doctor to ensure he doesn’t prescribe you a medicine that could interact with what you are using.  Patients often forget to tell their doctor when they are taking vitamins and this can be a costly mistake.  The same is true for oils.

A little goes a really long way

6 tips you MUST know before using essential oils

Usually, a drop is more than enough.  For most of our household uses, we use about 20 drops in a 10mL rollerbottle.  We fill the rest of the bottle with coconut oil.  So we are using less than 1 drop every time we apply the rollerbottle.  Too much can overwhelm your system.  Only use what you really need.

Store oils way from heat and light

6 tips you MUST know before using essential oils

Their chemical make up may be altered if exposed to high temperatures (like in your car in the summer) or too much light (most oils come in darkened bottles for this reason).




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