6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

There are a million things I could recommend you keep in your desk at work.  I always have to have back up food, socks, you name it.  But really, there are 6 items that really, you just need.  And you should also have these items in your car so that if something happens on the way to work, you can enter looking professional.

Stain removal stick/wipes

6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

Seriously, a must.  It will happen, it is just a matter of time.  They have travel sizes for both options so you don’t have to spend much more than a few dollars to maintain this professional aspect.  I prefer the stick because you can blot on that liquid and it really concentrates on the stain and gets it out.

Wrinkle releaser

6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

Also, a must.  Seatbelts can ruin an outfit.  Wrinkles look so unprofessional.  Spray a little wrinkle releaser on your outfit, even while wearing it, and you will look 100% better.  Even if you only get out some wrinkles, it will make a difference.  This can also be purchased in travel size which is perfect for the car.



Just trust me.  Maybe you forgot.  Maybe it’s just a bad day.  There will come a time where you will really wish you had this.  And you only need a travel size because hopefully this is just a backup.

Breath refresher (gum, mints, whatever!)

6 items you must have in your office to maintain a professional appearance

You don’t want people to think you have bad breath.  And if you are working on a project with someone, sitting close, or sharing office gossip, they will notice bad breath.  So just have something handy, just in case.

Febreeze and/or spritz


Sometimes the room smells, or you smell or someone ate smelly food.  I don’t know, but if you want to ensure that you aren’t embarrassed down the road, just get some.  Again, a travel size will do.  And don’t buy a room spray.  Those things over do it for something as small as an office/cubical.  A light spritz or Febreeze, which is neutral, works much better and won’t bother your neighbors.

Fashion tape


Mostly for women but really, it keeps clothes in place.  You never know when something unexpectely does not fit right, pops off or whatever.  A little bit of tape could really save you.  Keep it, just in case.



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