Life hack: How to get blood out of clothes using 2 simple ingredients

So this is my daughter.  One morning I had the fun of discovering that she gets bloody noses. As you can see, she is absolutely covered in blood (and p.s. she didn’t even know it so she was totally o.k. – in case you were worried!).  I was ready to throw out her pajamas but she begged me to try to save them.  So I threw them into the laundry basket for about a week until I finally decided to make a very half-hearted attempt.


10896408_10152976508643695_3783058872465548688_o – Easy blood removal from clothes – lemon essential oil and castile soup

I placed a few drops of lemon essential oil on her p.j.’s, on the worst of the spots.  I then placed castile soap on the p.j.’s in a more generous, but sloppy, fashion.  I really had no hope of recovering them.  I washed them in cold; dried them on low heat.  When they came out, I was shocked!  They were perfect!  Not a trace of blood left!


I have not had the opportunity to try this on other materials so if you try it, please leave a comment and let me know for what materials it does or does not work.  Thanks!

The essential oil I used was doTERRA lemon and the castile soap was Dr. Bonner’s lavender.  You can find doTERRA oils here: and castile soap at most major department stores or online stores.


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