4 quick tips to preserve food longer

Most of us spend way too much of our income on food.  We again spend way too much on food we simply throw away because it rots before we even eat it.  The following are 4 easy ways you can help preserve some of your food just a tad longer.


  1. Placing a sugar cube with cheese keeps your cheese fresh longer.


2. Misting stale bread with water, wrapping it in aluminum foil and then warming it in the oven will rejuvenate it.

4 simple tips to preserve food – bread


3. Wrapping your greens in a damp towel (paper or cloth) and placing them in a plastic bag can lengthen the life of your greens.

4 simple tips to preserve food – lettuce


4. Freezing milk in freezer bags will preserve it past its due date.

4 simple tips to preserve food – milk

So there you go.  You practically have a meal from food you thought would spoil.  Some of these tips I have learned on my own and some I’d like to credit to Melinda Lee.  She has a website and radio show with all kinds of great cooking tips.  You can check out her website here: http://www.melindalee.com/.


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